“There is nothing more nauseating than to see a man copying, or trying to copy, another man’s success. BE ORIGINAL, BE YOURSELF.

See where other men are lacking and supply what is necessary. It is the man who comes along with a fresh idea, who breaks new ground, who discovers a want which other people have never seen, who inaugurates a better service; in other words, it is the one who gets ahead with his ideas, and is the first in the field, who gets the business and makes a fortune.


Therefore be original, do not copy other people. Do not be a feeble reflection of someone else; be yourself. Remember that there is something you can do better than anyone else, that no one can do it as well as you, or in precisely the same way–in other words you have personality.


Therefore, develop your personality; let all your work be distinctive; make it different from that of your competitors. Let your personality be written all over your business; let there be a personal touch about everything that you do. This will distinguish both you and your business from other people and other people’s businesses; this will be a reason why the public, or a large portion of it, will come to you, or will buy your goods rather than go elsewhere.”


– Henry Thomas Hamblin

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