Are Nylon Stringed Guitars Easier To Play?

Are Nylon String Guitars Easier To Play

I get asked this a lot – “Are Nylon Stringed Guitars Easier To Play?


While nylon strings are softer on the fingers and can seem easier to play. The real issue is that most nylon stringed guitar are either Classical or Spanish, which usually have a really big neck. The main problem with fat guitar necks is you have to use more pressure to get notes to sound. This can make learning the guitar harder and lead to discouragement.


Another problem, if you have smaller hands, then you might struggle to reach certain frets easily or have to constantly adjust hand position to compensate for the size of the guitar’s neck. To develop speed changing guitar chords, you really need to have a consistent hand position. This means no wild movement between chord or scale shapes.


So, what would I advise? Find a regular steel strung acoustic guitar, something like the Epiphone DR-100. The neck will be fairly small which will help you to start playing and develop a consistent hand position. If you find the steel strings too hard, then changed them for Ball End nylon guitar strings. Don’t get traditional Nylon strings as they won’t work with a standard acoustic guitar!

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