A to Z of Festive Live Performance

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Christmas is the busiest time for performances. I thought I would run done the alphabet – Christmas style! There are some tips, tricks and not so funny jokes!


The best tip I can give you is prepare properly – that’s the secret to having an amazing gig! The second best is take some time off in January –especially if you’re working like crazy.



AAcoustic show: Take your Christmas spirit on to the streets and earn some money busking!
BBookings: Make sure you start thinking about next year’s calendar
CCD: Make sure you take some CDs, Merch and other items to sell
DDrive Safely: If you’re going to drive, do it with your full attention, it’s probably cold out there and dangerous. Whatever you do – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE
EEarly: Get to every gig early – start a new trend as the band that is eager! If you’re early you’re more likely to get more time to sound check, please the promoter and get the best dressing room!
FFans: Talk to as many as possible. Use the festive season to build more loyalty
GGuitar spares: Make sure you carry spares!
HHappy Christmas! Happy New Year!: Wish one or both of these to each and every crowd
II: Don’t focus on yourself too much, give back to others
JJokes: learn some of those nasty, terrible and un-funny jokes you find in Christmas crackers. People will groan, some will laugh – all in the name of Christmas
KKaraoke Christmas: Get the crowd to sing allow with some festive tunes!
LLove: spread some Love. Christmas is the time when some of our elderly neighbours miss out due to not having friends or family. Plus it must truly suck if you’re homeless. There are many ways to give a little and help the ones at most need in your community. Considering giving back in a small way
MMailing List: make sure if you’re the artist, that you get one up and running and get as many fans signed up at each show
NNew Year’s Eve: This can be the most lucrative night of the year. Make you cash in and have fun ringing in the new year!
OOutfits! To take the cheese to the next level, get every to dress up in the band. You could even try running a competition with your fans!
PPrepare: Take time before the gig to get ready – mentally, physically and playing wise
QQuiz: Try a couple of Christmas Quiz questions in between songs!
RChristmas Rock: Put a rocky twist on an old classic!
SSound Check: Be early, stick to your slot and thank the soundman (however grumpy, rude or angry they are!)
TThanks: Aim to send a little note of thanks to every promoter, venue, team member who has helped you this year (even if you don’t value what they did). It will make them feel appreciated
UYou! Take some time to focus on your goals for next year and measure what you’ve achieved this year.
VVixen: Take some time out to watch a few classic Christmas movies. The Santa Clause is one of my all-time favourites!
WWater: make sure you have some bottles of water on the stage. Great for a quick drink and for vocalists who might need to save their vocal chords mid set
XXmas Songs: As it is Christmas, learn some festive tunes!
YYule log: Stock and eat plenty of yule log, mince pies and other Christmassy food!
ZZzzZzz! Make sure you book some time off in Jan for some Rest and relaxation. Christmas can be tough if you’re gigging a lot and partying hard!


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