5 Reasons Why You Should Be In Business For Yourself

My aim in this post is to passionately persuade you why you should go it alone and start a business. I believe you should be in business for yourself. Wining is more much more than the art of the start, it’s the long term journey.  You will also discover why your current job may not lead to self-fulfilment that you crave and why you could be disillusion by the working week.


If you find yourself asking why am I doing this? What is my direction? Or maybe you want to breakout of your current life and find something new, different, fulfilment.


So, let’s get down to it.



Reason 1: Your full potential will never be exercised under a boss/corporate world

As long as there is someone who is calling the shots, you will never be able to try, fail, succeed – then repeat.


A lot of managers talk about potential, self-development or some hippy sounding phrases. Most of this will most certainly sound like management speak. Hey, someone has to buy the latest management textbook or seem cool by using the latest management phrase!


Ask yourself, how do I rate myself from a potential point of view, out of ten? Are you a 10? Do you feel a 1?


Next, ask yourself what have done to gain that score? Even a 1 require proof that you have used some of your potential.


Let’s face it, your potential is FAR and I mean FAR greater than you could imagine or conceive.  You were born to do great things with great people and be able to reach high on the potential scale. If you’re stuck in the race to the bottom with everyone else, chances are that you’re not focusing on how you can exercise some of your potential but worrying about next month’s bills – might seem important but not very in the grand scheme of things.


Think HOW you can push passed your current circumstances and use even just a little more of your potential.



Reason 2: Having a job caps your income

A job will cap your earning potential and unless your near the top of a publicly traded company, which offers shares or share options then your income is capped. Plus many shares options end up worthless.


For most, the only way to earn more is get your cap out and beg, this puts you in a weak position and unlikely to get what you’re after. The two alternatives are to get another and “better” job or start on your own.


Again if you get a different job with a slightly better pay and conditions, you still have this problem, you will get to a point when you need more money (who doesn’t?!).  And then you have the problem again just with a different set of people.


If you run a business, you can always spend more time on marketing to gain more clients or customers and deliver the products or services to them for a profit – of which most will be kept by you. Now that’s a real boost in income.



Reason 3: You can never get fired, made redundant or be demoted

Over the last hundred years, since the industrial revolution we have been condition to follow orders, not answer back and be a good employee. If you’re in a job, you’ve more than likely had a situation where you wished you spoke up or confronted your boss, but in your mind, fear override and stops you.


This fear is this: “If I stand up stay something, I’ll be fired. If I’m fired – I will have to go on unemployment benefits and I will end up never working again. So it’s best NOT to say a dam thing and grin and bear it.”


I’ve experience this many times, I’ve got better at standing up and being counted as I’ve gone in to jobs and other gigs with the “I can walk away from this at any point mentality” which helps, however, it doesn’t fully cure the fear. But I know we are ALL designed for greatness. Be weird, Be different, Be you!


If you work for solely for someone you have given them control, they can go bust which will leave you without a job and could pull the rug out from under you.


You could make a mistake and be fired or you could do the right thing and still get fired – I’ve known this to happen. Getting fired can either be a great – life changing experience, a life event which pushes you into a deep depression or a change to work for someone doing the same – this could be fine but might cause you to become disillusioned over time. One thing that we all feel when we’ve been fired is shame.


Demotion means two things, either you’re not preforming exactly how they wished that you would or broke one of the rules of the company. At the heart of both of these is control.



Reason 4: You get to do something you love

I’ll admit it: starting a business is tough – you need to love what you do. Of course see the profit potential, but do something you love.


I love the guitar, I get lost in it when I start to play – hours fly by.


I feel the same about property. A lot of my spare time looking at properties. I love how they look, how people design the interior and exterior, the lifestyle they allow the owner to live.


If you have a hobby, think about how you can replace your income by turning it into a business. You’ll love what you do plus you get to do it each and every day. Just imagine that! It could take a few months to a year to get the business off the ground and start producing enough money to replace your current income. However, it will be worth it and most of your co-workers will be jealous that you had the guts to quit and start up on your own.


By selling musical and guitar ebooks, I get the chance to help you get better at playing the guitar. I can help you further your guitar goals with this blog. It’s exciting, worthwhile, I learn from writing and answering questions I get emailed plus I earn some money which helps to keep me self-employed.



Reason 5: Self-satisfaction

I have to admit, I don’t do this to win awards or get praise from others. Instead, I do it because it fits in with my purpose, my pursuit of self-satisfaction – my ego need. I want to be able to look back at the end of my life, and be satisfied that I achieve what I set out to, that I pushed myself further than I thought possible.


You might see the word “I” a lot in that paragraph but my motive is simple. I’m doing for me not for awards or nice (sometime hollow) words from others or some form of acceptance. Not caring too much what others think is a quality you should develop – especially if you go it alone.



Reason 6: [Bonus!] Choosing WHO you work with

While I can’t choose everyone I work with or for – the majority I can. I can largely choose customers, the price they pay and conditions they have adhered to.


If you like to be challenged and stretched, you could take on clients who are going to push you.  You could surround yourself with a team who are as passionate about the mission as you are. You’ll get much more done that way and feel that you can achieve more than you really can!



Go on, give it a go!

You have the power to shape your life and create what you want to have, be and do. It will be hard but the reward will outweigh the pain. There is so much more I could write here, more reasons than space to write. If you’re thinking about taking the jump, here are 6 reasons why. Use more of your potential than you currently are, challenge yourself to do great things with great people. You will have to learn to shake off what others pin on you and the “noise” they throw at you (noise = negative comment, being looked down upon by friends and family because you don’t conform, etc.). Remember it is all noise NOT true constructive criticism. Always search out and listen to constructive criticism – that’s the way to succeed.



Most of all – like being in love – you just have to jump in and believe it will work out and learn to pick up the pieces when it doesn’t.



Trust me the hardest part is the first step.



P.s. if you need some inspiration, read How to get Rich by Felix Dennis, trust me, it’ll change your life!

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